ICYMI: Pharrell Williams Delivers NYU Commencement Speech

Pharrell Williams left NYU’s class of 2017 with a few words of wisdom. Though the students roared and cheered for him, his words in turn echoed the same adornment. Throughout his speech he acknowledged the effects of social media and what it truly means to honor and appreciate accomplishments that extend beyond our Instagram feeds and hashtags. He posed the question, “What will they honor you for someday?” He also mentioned that it is important “to be humble, but not too humble” because simply put, being anonymous does not quite carry the same impact. He encouraged the students to speak about their accomplishments as their stories may empower someone else to go after what their heart has been yearning for. Pharrell shared a photo from his appearance at NYU via Twitter where he captioned the photo, “Forever a student”. Check out the commencement speech delivered by the original Skateboard P above.

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