Pharrell Premieres “I See A Victory” From ‘Hidden Figures’ Soundtrack Alongside Kim Burrell At TIFF


Producer Pharrell Williams is no stranger to bringing a movie’s spirit into its soundtrack, giving us another uplifting track, “I See A Victory” from upcoming film, Hidden Figures. The legendary Kim Burrell, Echoes of Praise gospel choir, and Pharrell performed the new track this past weekend during Toronto’s International Film Festival.

The singer-songwriter meets producer spoke about personal experiences and excitement for the upcoming film during a Q&A interview alongside Hidden Figures’ stars, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe. Writing and recording the soundtrack almost a year before becoming the music for Hidden Figures, Pharrell revealed, “I began working on this music and didn’t know why I was working on it. And then when this project popped up, it was like oh! That’s what I’m supposed to be doing.” He described the feel good track as, “What we all can relate too. Looking at your current reality, the odds stacked against you and not knowing where you’re going too, but you just knowing there’s a God in everything, problems and solutions. And if you don’t believe in God, you at least believe in the universe. And you’re a part of it. You are living it.”

Pharrell goes on about Burrell’s voice on “I See A Victory” and how he felt she was the only one to deliver that message. He said, “But for me I was like man. I really need someone to deliver this message and who’s going to be the buzzer beater? That wasn’t my voice. That was Kim Burrell.”

Hidden Figures is a true story based on the first African American women scientists who play a major role in NASA’s launch of astronaut, John Glenn, in the 1960’s. Pharrell ended the Q&A by saying, “I want all the young girls, regardless of what color you are, I want you to see this film and recognize that not only can you do it, but it’s actually already been done.”

Hidden Figures is scheduled to release in theaters January 13th, 2017.

Photography: Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

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