Patti LaBelle Conquers Her Fear By Releasing Jazz Album


The legendary Patti Labelle is reminding all of us that we can overcome our fears at any age. One of Labelle’s biggest fears has always been creating jazz music but those fears are now behind her. She recently released her first studio album in over 10 years titled, Bel Hommage which explores the jazz genre.

In an interview with Billboard, Labelle expressed her initial thoughts when the idea of putting out a jazz album was suggested. She spoke of how scared she was to try to cover songs that have been sung by some of the greats such as James Moody, Nina Simone and Frank Sinatra. She told Billboard, “I didn’t want to sabotage their priceless music nor did I want to be embarrassed but here I am taking chances after 70. First on Dancing With the Stars, which blew me up. Then recording this music blew me up again. Now I know for sure that you can’t be afraid to explore”. 

Though Labelle has always been quite outspoken and fearless in her pursuits, like most of us, she too had some fears to overcome. At 72 years old (soon to be 73 on May 24th), she is setting the standard of never being too old to try something new. Fear can be crippling but she refuses to let it define her and sees no reason to slow down anytime soon.

Her new album Bel Hommage is available for your listening pleasure below.






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