NiiJournal Issue II Highlights Kelsey Lu & Kelela as Cover Stars

While pushing its main objective: “educate, not irritate,Niijournal comes as a refreshing outlook on race through art, political and cultural discussions, and fashion. Launched on May 10, 2016, NiiJournal is the brainchild of photographer, Campbell Addy and his desire to create a publication “that embraces and encourages diversity.”

Gearing up for Issue Two, the double cover will feature the talented singer songwriter / cellist Kelsey Lu shot by Tyler Mitchell & singer/songwriter Kelela shot by Campbell Addy. Proving to be one that goes beyond the surface, the second edition will revisit topics like sexuality, race and empowerment as well as tackling Mental Health issues.

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A post shared by Nii Journal (@niijournal) on

With the intentions of extending their reach, Kickstarter will stand as a platform to pre-order issue 2. Head over to the site to learn more. Additionally, Niijournal will be hosting an exhibition running from July 28 – 30 in partnership with Protein Studios, featuring poetry as moving images to short films.

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