Mykki Blanco Takes on Racism, Homophobia and White Supremacy in ‘Wypipo’ Short Film

Mykki Blanco is taking on racism in his new short film titled Wypipo and he left the sugarcoating at the kiddie table for this conversation. In a direct confrontation of America’s prejudices, he plays the role of a few characters (read “real life people”) who perpetuate and sustain the hideous and harmful existence of racism, homophobia and white supremacy. In preparation for his role in “A Stump Speech,” Mykki recalls a personal moment from his childhood when he realized that he was being perceived (by white people) as a threat. From there, his role as America’s 45th president dives into the apathetic tone with which he (and most of white America) regard the police killings of Black women, men and children. Then there’s the airhead “Permit Patty” scene that takes a deep dives right into the self-absorbed and benighted (white) feminism that ignores the intersections of womanhood so brilliantly (and accurately) that it could totally be a scene from any reality TV show with an all-white cast. Patty goes from your everyday “If I were racist, would I have dated a Black guy” one-liners to eventually playing her part as the Brown-People Permit Police.

Watch Mykki discuss the luxury of obliviousness that comes with white privilege, the contradictory futility of “all lives matter” as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the invalid justification of white people’s “fear” of everyone who doesn’t look like them and America’s deeply needed institutional change in the Wypipo short above.

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