Moses Sumney’s “Make Out in My Car” Evolves into ‘Chameleon Suite’ Remixes EP

Moses Sumney MOIMC_CS

Moses Sumney can do absolutely no wrong with his unique, unboxable touch to sonic art. Aromanticism, an easy favorite album of 2017, with it’s varying visuals, acoustic performance recordings and innovative pop up installations is a compilation of standouts where no track – whether rapturously blended in theater orchestra-tinged Rock elements like “Lonely World” or just barely feathered enough to fly like the its voice memo draft opening on “Stoicism” – outshines the others’ conspicuous star quality. The album’s “Make Out in My Car” is now it’s own EP appropriately dubbed Chameleon Suite and it’s stacked with remixes that flawlessly highlight the song’s adaptability.

The first of four versions is and extended one of Moses’ original with added verses and a few extra seconds of an electrifying flute solo. Quiet storm singer/songwriter/musician Alex Isley offers a verse on version 2 where she sings, “You seek to find a place inside/ There’s no room and yet it’s vacant/ My extraordinary acquaintance/ Still, much more, more to explore” before her harmonies engage Sumney’s in a tuneful game of pattycake. James Blake revamps the track altogether with his signature stuttering cadence and lower-octave production while Sumney’s signature falsetto shares the spotlight with a playfully rapped-sung mode of delivery. For the closing number, singer-songwriter and musician Sufjan Stevens offers his take with a beautiful, Folk cover cowritten by himself.

Listen to Moses Sumney’s Make Out in My Car (Chameleon Suite) below.

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