Moses Sumney Shares ‘Black in Deep Red, 2014’ EP

Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney returns today with a three-track EP that is as emotionally stirring as his gorgeous debut album, Aromanticism. Black in Deep Red, 2014 tackles the topic of hate and the racist ideologies that keep racism fermenting in society. The opening track “Power?” hears a rally’s chant boasting community power before Moses joins the chant eventually framing said possession of power as a question (as implied in the title’s stylization). “Call-to-Arms” is where lullaby meets melancholy. Eccentric, sweet and disruptive, the wordless track sends Moses’s vocal expressions into cascading percussion-led instrumentation. The EP ends with the straight-shooting “Rank & File,” a lyrical battlecry that confronts the futility of police by reflecting on the murder of Michael Brown (a Black boy who took his final breath in Deep Red blood when he was murdered by a Ferguson, MO cop in 2014). Listen to Moses Sumney’s Black in Deep Red, 2014 below. 

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