Morgan Freeman to Produce Limited Series About Rodney King

Rodney King

LAPD’s brutal assault on Rodney King in 1991 is one of many moments in American history that mark the nation’s stagnant progress toward equality. Before social media’s big boom, a 26-year-old Black man was beaten in the street by four Los Angeles law enforcement officers who would later be acquitted (despite the camera-documented use of excessive force) of all charges brought against them by a predominantly white jury. His name was Rodney King and he is just one of the many victims of the U.S.’s racial divide. In an attempt to take action against the unjust handling of people of color and the conditional application of legal punishment, protesters in LA county took to the streets where the chaotic LA Riots of 1992 were birthed.

King was more than a symbol of America’s racial tension, however. He was a human being with a life and a family, as well as a survivor. That’s why Morgan Freeman and producer Lori McCreary are developing a limited docu-series on his life. In line with their production company’s (Revelations Entertainment) mission, the currently untitled production will, “reveal the truth about who this man was,McCreary has been quoted as saying. She added, “We’ve had such a narrow view of who he was. There’s so much more to the story. I’m excited to finally be able to reveal the truth.

Using 20 hours of home video footage and the commentary of Rodney King’s attorneys, daughters, brother, sister, first wife, and Reverend Al Sharpton and Dr. Drew Pinsky, this survivor’s untold story will be revealed by the people who knew him as “a generous, intelligent, loving man.” You can expect to see Revelations Entertainment’s finished work on Rodney King in 2018.

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