Miguel Takes You Inside His Creative Process On ‘Noteworthy’

Since his debut album, Miguel has positioned himself as a singer firmly rooted in R&B but unafraid of experimentation. He has managed to craftily make use of the sounds of various decades of Funk, Hip-Hop, and Rock in a way that stays to true to the sound of R&B but still feels refreshing. You can always hear his influences, but they never overpower Miguel’s own aesthetic, which he’s been able to change throughout each album while keeping his fanbase solely intact.

None of this is an easy task, and now Miguel shows us how he does it in a new documentary for NPR. Noteworthy is a new docuseries that will take us inside the minds of some of music’s most prolific players. In this, it’s first episode, you will get the details of how “Adorn” was made, hear Miguel speak on his influences, and get a peek at how he goes through the creative process. Watch above, and stay tuned for a new episode each and every Wednesday.

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