Mick Jenkins Shares Second Installment of His “or more” Series

Mick Jenkins

If you’re paying attention, you’ve noticed Mick Jenkins has been silently hard at work perfecting his next album and only making occasional appearances to share mixtape-like EPs along the way. The second installment of his “or more” series, which serves as a look into the “musical ideas and concepts that are currently inspiring the album’s creation process,” is titled or more; the frustration and features production from THEMpeople, ENG Creative and more. Jenkins is chameleon-like in this follow up to last fall’s or more; the anxious exposing a new presentation of his mellow signature in each of the eight numbers (personal favorites are “Cry If You Want (FYP)” and “Blessed Assurance” featuring Sean Deaux).

Last week, the Chicago native candidly shared frustrations about the limitations placed on creators’ art (and the subsequent disesteem of it) as a result of its ravenous and speedy consumption by the audience. Personally, I couldn’t agree more and believe this is all the more reason to further anticipate Mick’s forthcoming full-length album. Until its release, listen to or more; the frustration below and or more; the anxious here.

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