Michael McDonald Adores Thundercat And Would Like To Work With Frank Ocean

The living legend Michael McDonald has his sights on collaborating with Frank Ocean and has come to love Thundercat even going as far as admitting to how flattered he was for being acknowledged as one of his musical influences. McDonald has created pure magic with Patti LaBelle, The Winans, Aretha Franklin and most recently he performed alongside our boss lady Solange at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival where they grooved to the classic hit “What a Fool Believes” from The Doobie Brothers.

Despite being a five time Grammy Award winner, McDonald still he finds inspiration in the work of those who are bending the rules in music today. In an interview with Noisey, McDonald shared his opinions on the newcomers and the overlapping of musical influences. He said, “You can’t discount anything. With time, people are willing to rediscover it somehow and reinvent it, maybe.”

Later on in the interview, he also broke down the cycle that music often follows and how one generation is always striving to differ from the generation before it. “[…] each generation tries to separate itself from the generation before. I remember a friend of mine I was writing with saying to me, ‘Yo man, with all due respect, you need to be more 80s and less 70s,’ and I remember thinking ‘God, I’m already old.’ And this is the 80s! So now, when I see radio stations that are like, nostalgic 80s radio stations, I laugh because, shit, I was already old in the 80s—much less now. But it takes about a good 30, 40 years for people to all of a sudden rediscover what you might have been doing back then.”

We are grateful for Michael McDonald’s influence on this generation and those to come. Revisit the nostalgic rendition of “What a Fool Believes” at this year’s Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival above.



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