Marian Mereba Releases “Bet” With Powerful Imagery Assist From Durimel Brothers

Marian Mereba has one of those voices that warms your soul. If you’re familiar with her, you know that she’s not just an untouchable vocal powerhouse. Spitting the sweetest bars that can easily put you in the mindset of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, the songstress epitomizes versatile artistry. On September 6th she released “Bet,” a beautifully melodic story of love against the odds. In an interview with i-D, Marian said, “The theme is basically the chance you’re willing to take on somebody despite what other people might say about them or what mistakes they’ve made in the past. Definitely within the past year or so, with everything that’s going on in the world, especially in America, I feel like the song morphed into an ode to the black man who has been misunderstood by America. It’s telling a story from the perspective of a black woman who is still willing to love that man despite how he’s been villainized.

Along with the track, Mereba released its accompanying visual in partnership with photography wizard twin brothers Jalan and Jibril Durimel. With an overcast-style finish, the video spotlights the Caribbean’s struggle with accepting homosexuality. The protagonist is seen in an apparent internal struggle with self-acceptance before being outed by a peer who becomes violent. With fireworks representing the aggressor’s landed punches and glitter replacing the victim’s blood, this visual demonstrates the power of symbolism in art. Jalan and Jibril, currently LA-based, explained the video was inspired by their desire to help their gay friends still residing in their Caribbean hometown feel unashamed of their sexuality despite society’s negative opinions but in a way that leaves out radical politics.

The Underground Museum in Los Angeles, a museum that presents other culturally significant visual artists like Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall and Henry Taylor, and primarily services its surrounding low-to-middle income neighborhoods, will exhibit “Bet” in its gallery. But if you can’t get there in person, watch the emotional yet breathtaking masterpiece of a collaboration by Mereba and the Durimel brothers above, and stream “Bet” itself below. Be sure to also check out the trio’s full interview on i-D.

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