‘The Mahoyo Project’ Empowers Women Through Collaboration and Creativity

The Mahoyo collective — compiled of Farah Yusuf, Pia and MyNa Do — are creatives and childhood friends who travel to illuminate different subcultures around the world. Originally from Sweden, the trio recently journeyed into Johannesburg, South Africa to connect Sweden’s bustling urban music, fashion, and dance scenes with local women. Their venture and influence was captured in their documentary The Mahoyo Project. During their time in Johannesburg, the innovative group passed their knowledge onto local women through workshops which taught the basics of DJing and hosted Shandeez With Gäris (“Party With Girls”), an all-female lineup which exposed party goers to various genres. Through empowerment, collaboration, and creativity, The Mahoyo Project eliminates limitations of race, location, and gender.

Check out The Mahoyo Project trailer above and check out Mahoya.Com for official updates on the documentary’s screening.

via OkayAfrica

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