Living Single Is Coming To Hulu

For years, many have wondered where Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is on streaming services, why we could not find Martin on Netflix or Hulu, and why on earth no streaming service has picked up Girlfriends. But, in these uncertain days, nostalgia is back. If you want to know what the Tanner family from Full House would be doing now, you can find out on their Netflix spinoff. Roseanne and Will & Grace are back on our tv screens. And now it seems like Black tv shows are finally getting paid their due with a Hulu announcement that took everyone by surprise.

That’s right! On January 11th Khadijah, Maxine, Synclaire and Regine, and all their witty, sisterly banter, will be available on demand via Hulu. Living Single will be streaming in its entirety and I will be missing in action until I’ve made my way through it all.

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