Little Simz Narrates Missy Elliott-themed Afrofuturistic Animation

It’s really time for a major broadcast company to get behind Sama’an Ashrawi who is the perfect candidate to create the first modern, animated Afrofuturist series to television (our vote is to keep the brilliant Little Simz onboard for narration too). In the fifth installment of his webseries exploring the ties between creativity, artistry and Afrofuturism, the filmmaker brings Missy Elliott onboard for her pioneering contributions to introducing Afrofuturist ideas and expression to mainstream music. Covering a slice of her achievements from collaborations with Timbaland and Pharrell to her influence in today’s music, the Afrofuturistic Missy Elliott animated short is everything we never knew we needed.

Sama’an says, “Big time Timbaland and Missy fans will appreciate the easter eggs we left in the episode…” We found them. Watch it above and tell us if you spotted them too.

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