Little Simz Debuts An Ode To Cape Town With “Gratitude” Video

In her new video, UK rapper Little Simz offers a glimpse of South Africa in a moment of protest in Cape Town. The images of protest were sparked by students who demanded a halt in school tuition hikes. The 21 year old starlet certainly has something to say and uses her video for “Gratitude” to do just that. Despite negativity, Simz advises that the young will have a voice and even in the midst of their protest, they will still find that carefree energy to dance. During a time where the Black revolution is very much alive, Simz’s video and message couldn’t have been more timely.

In an interview with Red Bull, Simz stressed that shooting in Cape Town was a way for her to reconnect with a place that’s close. “I still have family there, but I’ve honestly not made the effort to reach out,” she shared. “It had to happen in my own time. My mum kept saying ‘You need to go, you need to go’. But I had to do it for myself,” Little Simz worked with her longtime collaborator director Jeremy Cole for the “Gratitude” clip, and their creative synergy helps make the video bristle with rapt emotion. Catch it above.

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