Lion Babe Hits The Studio With Pharrell & Q-Tip

During a recent chat with VIBE, New York R&B duo Lion Babe discussed future musical collaborations and a recent studio session with Pharrell:

“It was definitely a little surreal at times but he was just like ‘what do you want out of this?,” beatsmith Lucas told VIBE. “And no one really asked us that or even thought about it until then because like we were just so excited. Like we made one song and now we have so much music—and a song with Pharrell. So that was really cool he’s like a sensei, he’s the master and we’re the padawan.”

The duo is also currently working with Jeff Basker, Dave Sitek, Al Shux, Andrew Wyatt, and hopefully Mark Ronson while also holding sessions with hip-hop legend Q-Tip. Watch their interview above.

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