Lawrence Lindell’s New Children’s Book Teaches Black Boys to Treat Black Girls with Respect


Lawrence Lindell is changing the narrative of how Black boys ought to treat Black girls. His new book From Black Boy With Love derived from firsthand experience of being around Black boys and men who put down girls with darker skin tones and/or kinky tresses. Lindell believes that in order for things to change, our young boys/future men need to look out for those who look like them, sound like them and live where they live.

While the representation of people of color continues expanding, there is still a large vacancy of  positive representation of Black girls in much of mainstream media. From Black Boy with Love guides its readers through what it means to appreciate Black girls in hopes that children who read the book will grow to understand the importance of respecting all women, but especially Black women.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Lindell pointed out that “[the book] is not just about the relationship between black men and women, it’s the relationship between men and women, period. I’m black and my community is full of black and brown women who I love dearly and I wanted to make something for them. But we as men have a huge problem with how we talk, treat and think about women.” Copies of From Black Boy With Love can be purchased here.

Artwork by: Lawrence Lindell

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