LaDonnis’ “Brown Skin” Visual Paints with Flawless Hues

Every shade of brown paints the canvases of LaDonnis’ latest visual. The uplifting “Brown Skin” single was one that properly celebrated women of color for our trendsetting abilities and flawless appearances. Placing equal focus on both the physical and non-physical magic we possess, this track pays homage to women of color without festishizing our features. The visual does the same as it tastefully highlights the assets of brown goddesses in several different scenes around Malibu and the Hollywood Hills. And since inclusion was an obvious focal point for the video, every brown girl will feel represented whether Latina or West African, curvy or slim, fro’d out or bald.

LaDonnis said, “This summer was full of a lot of not fun moments for people of color so when I saw the opportunity to make something uplifting in a sad time I took it. I wanted to make something great out of something bad. I wanted to make a song that would make my sister, my mom and all the women of color I love so much smile and feel good about themselves. They set the trends, they carry our burdens and they [are] too often overlooked. I can’t fully love myself if they aren’t loving themselves.” Watch the Atlanta-hailing artist worship the living, breathing art that women of color embody in the “Brown Skin” visual above.

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