Kevin Hart Stars in J. Cole’s Visual for “Kevin’s Heart”

Directed by J. Cole himself with Scott Lazer, KOD‘s second visual arrives today for “Kevin’s Heart.” A milder visual compared to its Missy Elliott/Busta Rhymes-esque predecessor “ATM,” the track which was quickly labeled a shot at comedian Kevin Hart’s infidelities reveals its true form as an ode to the complexities of temptation. Kevin stars in a role as himself and is seen performing the everyday duties of any family man like grocery shopping and scoping out safe child carriers. But he’s constantly met with judgey stares, sexual advances from women and fan interferences. J. Cole’s bars about the flaw of unfaithfulness are cleverly paired with footage that implies that humanness is inevitable, though it’s up to us to “choose wisely.” Watch the “Kevin’s Heart” visual in full above.

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