Kelly Rowland’s Honest ‘Whoa, Baby!’ Book is Now Available

Whoa Baby

The lovely, talented (and now wife and mother) Kelly Rowland has openly shared her slight unpreparedness for motherhood’s not-so-commonly discussed, but totally normal and completely unexpected occurrences. While pregnancy and motherhood are two topics you won’t be hard-pressed to find a plethora of books and articles on, you will notice that most are bland, vague and sugar-coated works that don’t delve into the life-giving role’s unpredictable and somewhat difficult normalities. After birthing her own beautiful bundle of Black boy joy, Kelly faced a few harsh realities (including the insecurity of breastfeeding difficulties) of her own. Without an honest reference guide, the singer found herself obsessively contacting her own obstetrician for guidance and consolation. So she and her doctor co-wrote the perfectly real, nitty-gritty tell all Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out.

If you’re an expecting or new mom who feels mostly confident about the journey ahead, we’re willing to bet you still wonder if you will be/are doing it all right. The bad news is that there’s no direct, “how-to” guide on being the perfect mom, but the good news is that Rowland will get you a few steps closer to becoming your best, self-made Supermom in no time. Whoa, Baby!, the book that covers everything from “latching” struggles to the “snapback” misconception, is now available for purchase here. Grab one for yourself and definitely another for the homegirl whose baby shower you forgot to pick up a gift for.

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