Kelela is an Unbothered, Digital Sims Goddess in “Frontline” Visual


With encore performances of her Take Me Apart tour in extremely high demand, Kelela’s riding her own wave and we couldn’t be happier for her. Today, the singer-songwriter emerges in the digital world as a sexy Sims character who did not come to play with her former lover. The visual for “Frontline” finds Kelela ending an expired romance before flashbacks of the relationship’s deception lace scenes of her and her girls (and a neat smoke break) moving on in life. But after the magnitude of disrespect in this loser’s infidelities settles in, Kelela is seen very calmly leaving the ruins of her revenge.

It’s about leaving your ex with the wind in your hair while acknowledging a curiously complex feeling of pain that he has left you for a white woman,Kelela said.

Watch our girl digitally f*ck some sh*t up and leave in the “Frontline” visual above.

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