Kari Faux Gracefully Drops Gems With ‘Primary’ Project

Kari Faux

Kari Faux is back at it again and has surprised fans by dropping her new EP, Primary. Whether you where first introduced to the 22-year-old Little Rock native via her 2016 album Lost En Los Angeles, or by way of the soundtrack for HBO’s hit show Insecure, there’s no denying that this lyricist is here to stay. Jerry Paper, The Internet’s Matt Martians, and Lord Narf bless a few tracks, respectively, on the seven-song EP that she entirely recorded, mixed and mastered on her own. The self-proclaimed “Rap Game Daria,” has stayed consistent with her hard-hitting ’90s inspired flow, complex wordplay, and witty lyrics in this new project where she touches on the complications of love, relationships, and identity that many twenty-somethings go through.

Primary hits on how today’s generation attempts to build relationships on faulty foundations. The themes of poor communication – as it pertains to text messages and phone calls – down to the importance placed on surface level infatuation, run rampant throughout the project. On tracks like “Facetious” the rapper rhymes about not wanting to talk things out and purposely missing a cheating lover’s call. Her tone then switches on “Maybe, One Day,” where the frustration about moving on from broken promises takes precedence to talking issues out. She also takes us through her journey of self-acceptance after an ego-damaging end to a relationship in “Gotta Know” with a hook emphasizing how much pressure we put on outward appearance while wondering, “what do they all think?”

You can listen to all of the gems Kari Faux is dropping via Spotify and Apple Music below.

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