Jorja Smith Celebrates International Women’s Day with “Beautiful Little Fools” Visual

The graceful, talented and ever so lovely Jorja Smith is representing individuality in girl power with an enchanting visual for “Beautiful Little Fools.” In an attempt to encourage girls through her personal journey, the song explores the desire for outward acceptance as the UK songstress crosses paths with different versions of herself from various stages of life. The erasure of nonconvential and natural beauty by the beauty industry’s exclusive portrayal of “attractive” with cookie-cutter, eurocentric features and body types has plagued how women see themselves for centuries. But at the budding age of 16, Jorja’s conscience stepped in to deter self-hating and conformist feelings which led to her writing this empowering and uplifting ode to the denouncement of society’s one-way beauty standard. She sings, “Beautiful little fools, that’s what us girls are destined for/ Beautiful little fools, want to be adored/ Where is the feminine race/ Where are these so-called independent women…” Watch “Beautiful Little Fools” above and read a personal message from Jorja below.

I’m so excited to share my next video to my song ‘Beautiful Little Fools’ with you all on Vevo. I wrote this song when I was 16 years old after reading The Great Gatsby. It’s a very special song to me as I wrote it to help myself. To assure myself that all I have to do is be myself. I feel as young girls grow up they’re slightly tainted by what the media says is ‘beautiful’ and I feel like my song can be a little help to them. We are all beautiful in our own individual and special ways. Enjoy x

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