Jordan Peele Makes History as First Black Writer-Director with a $100 Million Debut


Actor, writer, director and comedian Jordan Peele has made history with the creation of a horror movie that makes a monster of racial injustice. As of last week, “Get Out,” has earned $110 million in box-office sales, making the writer-director the first black person in his position to ever reach the coveted $100 million threshold with a feature movie debut.

Thanks to Peele’s creativity and the film’s unconventional theme, “Get Out” has been officially written into horror-history. There were no mutated creatures. There was no savage villain. There was barely any blood (until the end). Still, the lack of standard horror film elements is what made the movie one of the most thrilling films of our time. Congratulations are certainly in order for reaching such a major milestone with such a captivating piece of work. Peele has hinted at creating similar works in the future, but has yet to address everyone’s burning question: Is there going to be a sequel?!

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