Joekenneth Museau’s ‘Days After Your Departure’ Reflects on Loss Through Art

By a certain age in our lives, most of us know what it feels like to lose a loved one. For a majority of people, the most devastating is the loss of a parent. Joekenneth Museau is one of those people and he’s telling that story via the use of multiple art forms. In his book Days After Your Departure, Museau uses, “a mosaic of prose, poetry, and photography…to detail my journey in grief, faith and mental health.” The multimedia memoir chronicles the first four years of the Brooklyn-based artist’s life without his mother following her fatal battle with cancer.

With ‘Days’ I am making a concerted effort to encourage those who have experienced the loss of a loved one to embrace the grieving process. And to show the nuances of loss to those who know of/support the grieving in order to encourage long-term patience and compassion. In my experience, ridicule can come from people who don’t fully understand the total eclipse of grief; a void which usually lasts for the duration of one’s life. Furthermore, my intention is to foster a community that is willing to engage in the often stigmatized conversations that revolve around grief, mental health and interpersonal relationships. Despite its poignant narrative, Days is a written rally toward the healing process. One in which I plan to paint more vividly by means of an accompanying short film,” Joekenneth told Saint Heron via email.

For more details on this moving project and the Days After Your Departure short film click here.

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