Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Reaches Platinum Status in 5 Days


If you have Internet connection or live in New York City where the mysterious ads for 4:44 abound then we’re willing to bet you, like us, have been in a rap utopia with Jay-Z‘s latest. The confessional new album has been analyzed endlessly by fans and journalists alike. Even those without Tidal subscriptions were learning the album’s countless punchlines via social media before the weekend began. It seemed that 4:44 was already a cultural moment within hours of its release so it makes sense that, within a week, it has already reached platinum status. As of Wednesday, July 5th , Jay-Z has been awarded his 13th platinum plaque, making him the only artist in RIAA history to receive such a distinction. He is also the only rapper to reach more than 10 platinum albums. Congratulations, Hov!

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