Janet Mock Discusses Love, Art and Motherhood with Miss Tina Like ‘Never Before’

Janet Mock Miss Tina 2

The lovely Janet Mock has officially launched her latest venture Never Before with Janet Mock, a podcast discussing “work, love and life – like you’ve never heard before.” She said, “on this podcast I’m sharing space and thoughts with the biggest pop figures and pushing them…to share with me, and you, all the things they’ve never shared, revealed or said before.

The journalist and best-selling author of Redefining Realness shared the podcast’s debut episode with none other than our resident mom, Miss Tina. Beautiful, graceful and extraordinarily talented, Lawson’s reign extends far beyond the mom role she is commonly known for. So Mock spent some time in Miss Tina’s California home to further explore who she is both as a mom, and as a successful woman who found love later in life. From her impressive art collection to traveling with Destiny’s Child and even the routine “corny joke time” we all look forward to via her Instagram, Never Before feels like our first official ladies night with the internet friend we’ve been yearning to know more about.

If you need a good laugh, some encouraging inspiration or even some random facts about Miss Tina’s life as a mom, you’ll get it in episode 1 of Janet’s Never Before. You can stream it now on Spotify and Apple’s Podcast app.

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