Janelle Monae Releases Mysterious “Dirty Computer” Trailer-Teaser

Other than activism and supporting the outstanding releases from her Wondaland artists, it’s been mostly quiet from Janelle Monae after the success of Hidden Figures. Today, the Kansas City-born multi hyphenate announced her latest release “Dirty Computer” with an EMOTION PICTURE trailer-teaser. “They drained us of our dirt, and all the things that made us special. And then you were lost. Sleeping. And you didn’t remember anything at all,” we hear from Monae in monologue over a riveting 34 seconds where she and Tessa Thompson navigate a futuristic world. Little is given (leaving much to be anxious for) with respect to the seemingly dystopian storyline, but from the clips we can tell tender affection, nightlife, action sequences and high fashion coexist throughout.

EMOTION PICTURE (definition): a narrative film and accompanying musical album.” Which means Janelle Monae’s also got new music on the way! *pops champagne* No word yet on official release date(s), but we’re totally on “stay ready” mode for our fave Electric Lady. Watch the “Dirty Computer” trailer-teaser from Janelle Monae above.

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