Jaden Smith Takes You on a Sonic and Lyrical Journey with ‘SYRE’

Jaden Smith

After three years in the making, Jaden Smith has finally released a full length album for the fans. A mirror of Jaden’s full birth name (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith), the 17-track album is eponymously titled SYRE and comes complete with features and assists from the likes of A$AP Rocky, Raury and his sister Willow Smith.

The tracklist and sequence is just as creative in aesthetic as Jaden’s Instagram timeline with each track melting into another to create a bigger picture. The project’s first 4 tracks, for example, “B”, “L”, “U”, and “E” (the spelling of blue) are a combination of songs and interludes weaving together one big story.

From there Jaden takes us to “Breakfast”, his A$AP Rocky assisted single that showcases his lyricism and a flawless cadence that makes you want to bounce in the Tesla you don’t have. The following jams are full of an eclectic blend of retro-rock sounds (like in “Ninety”), trap (such as “Icon”), and mellow synths (in “Fallen”). SYRE‘s finale is the title track where the rapper/actor takes us on a poetic reflection through his life and experiences. The melody makes you feel as if you’re laying on the beach vibing out under the purple sunset seen on the album’s cover.

Journey through the SYRE musical experience below and enjoy the ride.

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