Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ Season 3 Premiere is Scheduled for August 12th

Issa Rae has been silently working to wow fans with more and we’re ready for it. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen our friends Issa and Molly and the last we’ve seen of them, Issa moved in with Daniel and Molly was involved with a mystery man. In season 2 of HBO’s beloved Rae-create original Insecure, Lawrence and Issa had a moment of catharsis, Molly was the other woman and Kelli was involved in very strange, very public sexual dining experience. So we’re looking forward to having a few questions answered – specifically, will Molly do right? Will Issa do right? Is their bougie friend Tiffany cheating on her husband?

We won’t know until August 12th but we do know one thing: Issa is still in the mirror on her Foxy Brown ish. Watch the trailer teaser for season 3 of Insecure above.

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