Issa Rae & HBO to Develop New Shows with Young, Black and Queer Characters

Issa Rae

The Issa Rae empire continues to grow as she does everything but back down from her trailblazing HBO takeover. The premium cable network has picked up not one, but two new series where the TV producer and actress will make way for multidimensional African-American characters; Sweet Life – a Windsor Hills-set drama looking at the lives of affluent black teens, and Him or Her – a single-camera comedy series about a bisexual Black man navigating through complex dating circles and everyday life.

Travon Free (ex-Daily Show writer and Emmy winner) and Deniese Davis (Rae’s ColorCreative.TV partner) will both join Issa in executive producing Him or Her. As for Sweet Life, Scandal producer Raamla Mohamed is co-creator and will accompany the Insecure maker in producing. Travon Free will also join the pair in writing the drama. It’s a family affair.

This news, in addition to her work with Angela Flournoy and the forthcoming third-season return of Insecure, comes right before the filmmaker’s 33rd birthday. We’re thoroughly enjoying Issa’s flourish and can’t wait to support these new projects.

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