Ill Camille Delivers the Raw Truth with ‘Heirloom’ LP

iLL Camille 4

The West Coast’s best kept secret has officially released her highly anticipated Heirloom LP and we’re absolutely floored. There wasn’t any doubt that Ill Camille is the truth, but as track after track spins hope and encouragement with real deal realities, we were left absolutely breathless at the storyteller’s masterful handle on raw lyricism. And while each bar is decorated with clever punchlines, rest assured nothing about Heirloom aims for cute consciousness. With honesty-dripping rhymes that cocoon irresistible bass grooves nestled in track production that sounds like the essence of original Hip Hop, it’d be a disservice to categorized Ill Camille as a “female rapper”. She should instead be recognized as a real emcee who boldly expresses creativity in truth.

Ill Camille’s flow has a classic feel for those of us who miss real Hip Hop. Still, she maintains a modern vibe with lionhearted directness. Whether you need a Women’s History Month anthem (“Still a Lady”) or an introspective evaluation of toxic relationships (“Slip Away”) or a relatable journey through the struggle (“Few Days”), this album has something for you. The 16-song album features SiR, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Iman Omari, Javonte, Preston Harris and more, and includes the previously released “São Paulo“. Check out the no frills, all thrills Heirloom below and be sure to support the project.

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