ICYMI: Watch Doja Cat Star In her New Video for “Mooo!”

Although Doja Cat started her music career more than 4 years ago with her debut PurrEP, followed by her debut album Amala  released earlier this year, people are flocking to her after her most recent release. On August 10th, Doja Cat dropped a satirical video for a self-produced song called “Mooo!” Unaware that the song would take off, she originally tweeted a clip on twitter asking fans “should I honestly post the rest of this insane shit?” After receiving positive feedback from vegans and carnivores alike, she humbly posted the full length visual.

The low-budget home video was recorded with a bed-sheet as a green screen which was used to project farm scenes as she sang, ate, and twerked to her track. She wore a two piece cow outfit as she sang “Bitch I’m a cow. Bitch I’m a cow. I’m not a cat I don’t say meow.” and “My milkshake brings all the boys to the farm.” Since its posting, it’s racked up almost 900,000 views and is still climbing. Could this be the video that catapults Doja Cat into the (well deserved) spotlight?

Check out the visual for “Mooo!” above.

Photography by: Jabari Jacobs

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