ICYMI: Stream Nick Hakim’s Debut Album, ‘Green Twins’


We can call them innovators, those once-in-a-while voices that come to give a classic genre a new meaning. Nick Hakim writes about love, but alternatively the indispensable way we cannot be unwoven from it. In his long-awaited record debut with ATO Records, Green Twins, Nick’s voice acts as a psychedelic, woozy instrument most of the time, reacting to the beat rather than floating on top of it, and his lyricism makes sense of emotions often hard to put into words. Here, Nick is showing many technicolor sides to R&B possibilities, and taking uncharted paths to display harmony in a new light.

Overall, the feel of the album displays a clear growth point from his previous mixtapes, Where Will We Go Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, featuring best known track “Cold,” that were deeply wintery, existential and romantic. Here in Green Twins, Nick stands firmly in the sun maintaining his signature dreamy, dripping delivery, but this time with more certainty. Standout tracks include the previously released singles, “Bet She Looks Like You,” “Green Twins” and “Roller Skates,” and now is welcomed with “Needy Bees” (a tropical and light declaration of love) and “Cuffed,” a more upbeat classic Nick-esque cut focused on momental beauty. Nick establishes his reign in Green Twins, and there’s no denying it any longer. Grab the album now in vinyl form on ATO’s website, or online via Amazon or iTunes. Stream it with Apple Music and Spotify.



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