ICYMI: See the Movie Trailer for ‘Crown Heights’ Starring Lakeith Stanfield

Imagine you’re wrongfully convicted of murder, sentenced to life in prison, and after 21 years, finally pardoned and paroled. That’s the true story Lakeith Stanfield is bringing to life.

Crown Heights, the prison drama about the life of a wrongfully convicted Brooklyn man, is coming to the big screen in less than two weeks. The movie tells the story of Collin Warner, played by Stanfield, who was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. He would spend over two decades of his life in prison, supported by his lifelong friend Carl King who, despite having no formal legal education, obstinately fought to prove Warner’s innocence. Warner was eventually freed in 2001, more than a decade after the real killer came forward.

According to an interview with Page Six, Lakeith says ” Shooting prison scenes is difficult. Some institutions you can get into, some not. It was hard. It took patience. Certain scenes were done in a defunct prison, an old building where they were moving prisoners in and out.

Be sure to catch the film when it opens Aug. 25th.

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