ICYMI: NAO Shares First Visual of 2018 for New Single “Another Lifetime”

For those of us who still look forward to revisting NAO‘s 2017, debut album (For All We Know) every now and then, the singer’s return is thrilling news enriched by the fact that she simply gets better and better with time. Aligning her personal growth with her artistic range, the singer’s next project is said to have been inspired by her own real life circumstances, including her Saturn Return and a distressing break up. NAO’s, known for soulfully balancing sassy and sensual, latest is “Another Lifetime” – a mature ode to the fateful end of a romantic journey she intends to find (and choose) again once reincarnated. The song’s beauty, at first listen, is in NAO’s breathtakingly fierce vocal performance. After re-listening, one can’t help but be deeply moved by how the track’s lyrics resplendently engrave her warming but mourning timbre.

Listen to “Another Lifetime” below and watch its symbolic, accompanying visual above.

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