ICYMI: Lena Waithe Will Executive Produce HBO Comedy Series Written by Kid Fury


As Black people continue kicking down Hollywood’s doors, I get a little extra excited to see LGBTQ-centered content getting some steam. The latest of these is a Lena Waithe and Kid Fury production for HBO. In case you’ve been under a rock, Kid Fury is a comedian and co-host of the esteemed The Read podcast and Lena Waithe is literally a trailblazing, award-winning screenwriter, actress and producer.

Described as “dark comedy,” the untitled series “follows Greg, a 20-something sarcastic gay black man navigating adulthood and responsibility in New York City while struggling to wrap his head around his undiagnosed clinical depression,” Variety Reports. According to Lena, we can expect to see “very specific cultural references, emotions and a lot of shade.” Already ready!

Kid Fury will write and co-executive produce with Waithe who serves as the project’s Executive Producer. Other co and executive producers with contributory credit are Chloe Pisello, David Martin, Jon Thoday, and Richard Allen-Turner of Avalon Television.

Congratulations to both Kid Fury and Lena Waithe! We can’t wait to watch.

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