ICYMI: Beya Likhari Gets Introspective on The Inbetween Part 2.


In July, Beya Likhari hit us with part one of The Inbetween, her experimental EP meant to capture the feeling of two different moods. The first half featured two upbeat grooves “Hold On” and “Nerdy Girl” but this second half is almost like a thoughtful come down from the first. “Scared” and “Secrets” are moodier than the tracks that preceded them with lyrics that speak of the fear of vulnerability, late-night confessionals, and wishing a lover to return. Listen via Spotify below or on Apple Music.

For listeners wanting to gain more insight into Beya’s concept for this two-part EP, check out the awesome journal she created to accompany it. Just click here, tap “enter” then tap “+Inbetween” where you’ll be taken to a crossword puzzle you must complete to enter! And, if you happen to be in Baltimore on Thursday, September 20th, check our girl out at Metro Gallery with Ava Luna.

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