Hannah Faith Serves Up Prescription-grade ‘Feels’ with Her Latest Mix


The history books tell stories of healers in various forms from witches and wizards to shamans and medicine men. We’ve got a good feeling that Hannah Faith will be in that book as a musical healer especially for the latest release she prescribed for us. Her new mix, appropriately titled FEELS, seemingly carries you away to this utopian land where vibey instrumentals play patty-cake with other potent tracks at the intersection of silky and rugged. Faith’s FEELS is a spirited paradise where Brandy’s “What About Us” sits across the street from Ravyn Lenae’s “Free Room,” and Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” (Kaytranada Edit) is next door to Childish Gambino’s “Me and Your Mama.”

Get a dose of Hannah Faith’s FEELS by checking out the mix and its track list below.

KMB, “What About Us”
Kiefer, “Untitled”
BAGUL, “Crack”
Freddie Joachim, “Islands”
Howiewonder x Dephrase, “Creep”
C Y G N, “Vision”
Nocturne Stro Elliot, “Kamaal Coltrane”
Vanilla, “Lazy Days”
BAGUL, “Pure Vanilla”
Ravyn Lenae, “Free Room” (j.robb Remix)
Stro Elliot, “B 04 – Miles Funk”
Souleance, “Allegria Part I”
Afro Cuban Jazz Project, “Campina” (Aztek Flip)
Childish Gambino, “Terrified” (Zikomo Remix)
Solange, “Cranes In The Sky” (Kaytranada DJ Edit)
Miyagi x Akay, “Your Love”
Kaytranada, “HOT JAZZYBELLE”
Flamingosis f. Tom Ribbons, “All Natural”
Lakim, “PT”
SMOOTH OPERATOR 3000, “La Malanga”
jjunior, “Halu”
Monte Booker & Naji, “Mona Lisa”
Jerome Thomas, “Nirvana” (prod. Hurricane)
Moo Latte x Roux Spana, “James In Heaven” (J Dilla Tribute)
Erykah Badu f. INVERE KID, “On & On” (Remix)

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