Grace Jones Let’s Us In In New Documentary


Seeing Grace Jones at the Afropunk ball was an almost religious experience. She was everything you’d expect Grace to be: a top rate performer, funny, impenetrably cool, and aesthetically out of this world and ahead of our time. I ended up seeing her twice: once at the ball and once after Lauryn Hill performed another night. Both times I found myself in awe of her stamina and the exchange of raw energy between her and the crowd.

That is the Grace we know. She lives in all of our minds as larger than life and operates on some other plane that we are all grateful to witness. But on October 27th, her new documentary Bloodlight and Bami promises to show us another side of Grace. Grace, the human being. Followed by filmmaker Sophie Fiennes, we will see her on family trips, recording 2008’s Hurricane, and also learn more about childhood. Check out the trailer below.

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