Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Is Exceptional


The elusive Frank Ocean has released his Channel Orange follow-up entitled Blonde. In the past few days we learned that Boys Don’t Cry had been scrapped as the album title, but is now a print publication being sold at Frank Ocean pop-up’s in various cities.

Blonde is an exceptional body of work well worth the wait and contains contributions from Beyoncé, Kanye West, Pharrell, Andre 3000, James Blake, Rick Rubin and more. If there was ever any doubt that Frank Ocean is a modern day legend, Blonde certainly solidifies that fact. His bottomless creative aptitude, focus, and content quality are historically unparalleled. Every detail down to the way Endless, “Nikes” and Blonde were released indicate that Ocean’s deliberate moves are to be trusted regardless of how abstruse.

As if Blonde‘s release isn’t a gift to us, Frank took to his Tumblr where he released a personal statement thanking “…every one of you”. No, Frank. Thank you.

Check out the cover art and tracklisting for Blonde below, and stream the album on Apple Music.



1. “Nikes”
2. “Ivy”
3. “Pink + White”
4. “Be Yourself”
5. “Solo”
6. “Skyline To”
7. “Self Control”
8. “Good Guy”
9. “Nights”
10. “Solo (Reprise)”
11. “Pretty Sweet”
12. “Facebook Story”
13. “Close To You”
14. “White Ferrari”
15. “Seigfried”
16. “Godspeed”
17. “Futura Free”

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