Frank Ocean Loves Us After All With Release of Visual Album, ‘Endless’

Be careful what you wish for; You just might get it.

The borderline mythical yet exceptionally talented Frank Ocean has proven there is indeed a method to his madness. What madness you ask?! Well, beyond failed attempts to cure fans’ PTSD with broken promises of forthcoming music (the madness), the ever-so belated virtuoso transformed his shortcomings into genius art direction, hinting release dates with an overdue library card (the method). The dates on the library card could mean anything. Of course, the internet had it’s assumptions but eventually we grew tired of speculating. Luckily, last night Frank resumed his live stream but this time, there was music. I repeat, music! What seemed to be unmastered samples of his latest tracks played in the background as he built the hype of his album. Literally.

Frank Ocean live-streamed himself building what took us almost an hour to realize was a staircase. Once he walked to the top, he took a deep breath, and you should too, because within a few seconds later, the unthinkable happened. The obviously multifaceted artist officially released his film, Endless, via Apple Music. According to Rolling Stone, he has scrapped the previous title Boys Don’t Cry for a brand new moniker. Not only have Apple Music representatives confirmed that this project is separate from the singer’s highly anticipated third album, but they also mentioned that the album should be here as early as this weekend. That’s right, two projects! We’ve been waiting for TWO PROJECTS. With Jazmine  Sullivan, Sampha, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and more impressive credits contributing to Endless, it’s safe to say that within just a couple hours of the release, the wait was well worth it. The slight trend of visual albums now has a new perspective, a juxtaposed, high contrast type minimalist point of view.

Aware that this may all be too much, we suggest you take a step back and really appreciate the truth and dedication Frank Ocean put into both projects. I mean, can we at least apologize for being so impatient?

Watch Endless in HD here, and check out the trackless, along with the corresponding credits below:


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