Franchesca Ramsey Lands Comedy Central Show

I first encountered Franchesca Ramsey the way most people did: Shit White Girls say to Black Girls.

Having gone to a PWI (a predominately white institution), watching Franchesca check off every microaggression of my college was years was both hilarious and cathartic. Unsurprisingly, this led to a firestorm of opposition which landed her a seat on Anderson Cooper’s talk show and sparked a national conversation. None of it, however, has held Franchesca back. From a flourishing Youtube channel and a gig writing for The Larry Wilmore Show to hosting her own MTV webseries (Decoded) Ramsey has made a powerful career of making social justice accessible and funny. It’s no surprise that today she announced that she will be executive producing her own late night show on Comedy Central.

Late night TV has largely been white and male since its inception, so we’re all excited to see a Black woman giving us her own take on news, politics, and social issues.

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