Four Artists Invest Nearly $100K To Preserve Nina Simone’s Childhood Home


She was an author, pianist, Civil Rights activist, musician and world-renowned singer. To honor the contributions she made in different areas of her life, Nina Simone‘s birthplace was recently purchased for the preservation of her legacy. The North Carolina Property, found at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has been bought for $95,000 by a group of four prominent, Black artists. The three-room home popped up on the market in late 2016 and, though under no specific threat, may have been destroyed depending on who stepped in to purchase it.

According to Pitchfork, Conceptual artist Adam Pendleton, sculptor/painter Rashid Johnson, filmmaker Ellen Gallagher, and painter Julie Mehretu joined together to bid for the historic residence. “We don’t have a blueprint for our ideas yet, but I think sometimes artists are the best people to deal with really tricky questions,” said Pendleton. “Like, for instance, how to honor the legacy of someone as vital and complicated as Nina Simone.”

Pictures of the house, plus a 360-degree video of the interior, can be seen here.

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