Faith Evans & KeKe Wyatt’s New Duet Reminds Us of These Beloved Girl Power Collaborations


Faith Evans dropped a stellar new album last year titled Incomparable. The buzz singles released were great, but Faith’s newest song to radio is a true heavy-hitter. On “Make Love,” she teams up with vocal beast KeKe Wyatt and it’s pure magic. This song got me thinking about some of the collaborations that are packed with girl power and just good ol’ fashioned sangin’.

Check out some faves below:

Faith & KeKe Wyatt, “Make Love”

The beat is just so syrupy, it’s impossible to not hit your hardest bop. This single is going to kill radio.

Angie Stone & Betty Wright, “Baby”

“Baby” is essentially an audio legends ball. Angie and Betty have been out-singing most for many a decade.

Whitney Houston, Kelly Price & Faith Evans, “Heartbreak Hotel”

I’ve never forgiven Nippy for throwing that mink into the ocean in the video, but seriously, why must all three of these powerhouses go in like this?

Beyonce & Mary, “Love a Woman”

Yeesh!! Sing ladies!

Brandy & Monica, “Boy Is Mine”

Easily the biggest ladies’ duet of our time, “The Boy Is Mine” never gets old.

Whitney Houston & Deborah Cox, “Same Script, Different Cast”

There are just no words for this otherworldly duet.

Fantasia & Jennifer Hudson, “I’m His Only Woman”

These two sing circles around so many traditional artists. They’ve truly transcended the stigma of being American Idol contestants and this song was a huge part of that.

Mary J. Blige & Aretha Franklin, “Don’t Waste Your Time”

The mother and daughter of soul-stirring music on one song just shouldn’t be legal. This 90s style remix turns “Don’t Waste Your Time” into a dance the pain away anthem.

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