Emerging Artist Ash Releases Stunning “Please Like Me” Visual

Ash, an emerging Atlanta-based artist, made her television debut on Chasing Destiny but she’s no newcomer to performance art. If you’ve ever seen her perform behind Janelle Monáe, it is likely that you were instantly captivated by her warm energy and obvious star quality. The singer/songwriter is keeping feel good love songs alive in her solo work with a refreshing amalgamation of futuristic and classic instrumentation. Ash’s debut project The Perfect EP and sophomore release The Please Like Me EP each consist of four endearingly electrifying songs.

Today, she released a visual for her second EP’s eponym track, “Please Like Me.” The vintage-style video follows the singer through a series of performance scenes with warm smiles and daydream-like trances until she finally unites with the subject of her sweet serenades for some innocently fun frolicking. Ash angelically sings, “I say I don’t care but I really do. I want you to please like me,” which almost certainly puts you in the mind of love taps with your third grade crush; only now, more grown up.

There’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with her artistry, so be sure to catch one of her “Please Like Me Living Room Tour” dates listed below. You can watch the “Please Like Me” visual above, and be sure to support Ash’s EPs.

Ash Living Room Tour Dates


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