Dive into the Deep End of Vince Staples’s ‘Big Fish Theory’


Controversial times call for controversial music, and as always, Vince Staples has a lot to say. The rapper has just released his sophomore album, Big Fish Theory, inclusive of a few tracks we’re already well acquainted with, like “BagBak” and “Rain Come Down” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Though the album tributes the life of a big fish in a small pond, the project is 12-song tracklist is fueled by fire. And no, there’s no cooling him off now. As put in perfect words by Pitchfork, “the driving force behind Big Fish Theory is tempo; Staples exudes manic energy, departing from the unnerving calm that marked earlier releases.” His highly anticipated LP is full of surprises, including a Kendrick Lamar feature, but we won’t spoil the fun of it for you.

Listen to Big Fish Theory below.


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