Dave Chappelle Chats Censorship, Perspective and More With Kendrick Lamar for Interview Magazine


We honestly can’t ever get enough insight on the thoughts of Kendrick Lamar. The elusive rapper is a fave among many, but rarely does interviews and almost never does social media as he prefers to interact with fans through music and performance sets. Courtesy of Interview Magazine, we not only get one of the very few K Dot interviews following DAMN.‘s release, but an extra special one since it was conducted by comedic legend Dave Chappelle. Following a genuinely brotherly greeting, the two discuss censorship in creative artistry, touring in South Africa, and what Lamar hopes fans take away from his music. Chappelle even asked the Compton native how he maintains relationships while touring and juggling his workload to which he responded, “…There are so many people pulling at me at one time—some want the business, some want my love, some just want my support, just to be there or to acknowledge them the same way I used to. To be able to figure that out is an ongoing process, because there’s always another show, another album, another moment that I don’t want to miss. But I’m pacing myself. I hope the powers that be keep me on a straight course.

You can check out Interview Mag’s full cover story here.

Photography by: Gregory Harris, Interview Magazine

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