Daniel Caesar is a Lovelorn Dream in ‘Freudian, a Visual’

Feels dealer Daniel Caesar strikes again with another hauntingly tender visual, this one for the newly-Grammy-nominated Freudian‘s title track. The closing number’s video version gets some soulful vocal additions from Caesar who is first seen with an inviting glare into his perspective. The following split-screen scenes show the duality of a desire for love and the complex feelings involved in a battle between inner and outer self. Agonizingly alone and blue on the left and somewhat despondent but still content in a pool of women on the right, the vocalist/writer/musician offers more than pretty lyrics and imagery by relying on psychology for an explanation.

Directed by Keavan Yazdani & Sean Brown, part-two’s plot develops after a feature from Dr. Earnest Jones (psychoanalyst and colleague to none other than Signmund Freud himself). Clips inspired by the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket find Daniel in a role as the commander of all of his relationships before closing with “the one” forcing him to confront his romantic shortcomings. Watch ‘Freudian, a Visual’ above.

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